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  • Suzuki Baleno Bonnet Cable - TSK 1998-2005 in ...

    • Exterior
    • Car Bonnets
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    PKR 1,050
  • Suzuki Cultus Front Bumper Genuine 2008-2016 i...

    • Exterior
    • Bumpers & Components
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A car is as good as its external appearance. Even if one pays attention towards the interior parts and keeps a well-maintained engine, the vehicles aren’t particularly impressive until they are pleasing the eye from outside. The car shape and design are only complimented when the exterior car accessories and spare parts are installed regularly. There are several ways one can shop for the car exterior spare parts, but buying online from PakWheels is the best option.

The hassle-free online store to buy exterior accessories and spare parts facilitates customers in finding their desired automotive requirement. There is a wide range of exterior car spare parts products on PakWheels which can be purchased online and received at doorsteps.

Here’s the list of exterior car accessories that you might be interested in for your vehicle:

  • Side Mirrors
  • Bumpers
  • Bumpers & Components
  • Emblems & Stickers
  • Wiper Blades
  • Fenders
  • Bumper Styling
  • Car Mirrors
  • Spoilers & Body Kits
  • Car Doors
  • Car Bonnets
  • Grills
  • Mud Guards
  • Guards


Traditionally, people have been buying auto parts, especially exterior car accessories, by going outdoors to a marketplace. People used to prefer going to a car mechanic and ask about the quality and brands. However, all this has changed drastically during the past decade with the internet boom as all major brands for car accessories have gone online. Online retailers for car accessories and spare parts tend to offer cheaper rates. Also, there are competitive brands, like in bike helmets, to choose from so people now have multiple choices.

TOP BRANDS IN CAR EXTERIOR SPARE PARTS offers a variety of brands for exterior car accessories. For instance, let’s take the case of side mirrors. While driving in the city, people often complain that either their side mirrors are too noisy to provide a clear image or contain a low-quality glass due to which traveling on a busy road has become difficult. There is an instant solution for this problem. One just has to open the webpage where side mirrors are posted for online purchase and choose the brand which they think is the best. The shop also offers genuine spare parts for car exteriors which are rarely available.

Plus, there are renowned auto spare parts brands which are carefully curated on the online store. Here are some of the top sellers in car exterior accessories and spare parts that you might want to consider:

  • TYC
  • Bullsone
  • Kinsmart
  • Maisto
  • Rain X
  • SOGO
  • Tracking World


There are many auto parts that can be replaced on one’s own without the help of a mechanic. This is why it would be an unwise decision to seek help from outside when things are easily doable. Do It Yourself (DIY) tips and instructions are often provided on these exterior car accessories. These guides can be used to replace the parts without much trouble.

For example, there’s no rocket science in replacing the wiper blades. These wiper blades are easily the most underrated car product and their importance is realized during rain or when one goes on a long route. To replace wiper blades, one just has to order the spare products from the online marketplace. These parts often come with instructions so it is easy for the layman to do the needful.


Another great feature of buying exterior car accessories from PakWheels is that users can compare prices, products and brands. They can place different filters in terms of their vehicle manufacturer, year, model and variant. This makes it simple to search the exact auto spare part which is required.